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Striving for excellence in Management and IT Education?.
To equip students with competent technologies and skills required to face tomorrow?s challenges.
Karuna Educational Society strongly believes in providing quality education by maintaining high standards of teaching.

Admissions for MBA courses are in progress.

For more details please contact

Karuna P.G. College
Koheda Road,
R.R. District - 501510.
Principal : 9290005545 9550412140, 9948320251
Mobile : +91 98490 33287

City Office:
jagruti Degree & PG college,
Padmashali Bhavan, Rajamohalla,
Hyderabad-5000 29,

Phone: +91 9290005545 ,40 24751234 , 24761554

E-mail: info@karunapgcollege.ac.in

The college provides free transportation facility for all Students.

ABOUT US » College

There are many reasons why you need to choose to study at Karuna PG College. "It's a welcoming environment,"

The campus built on a three acre land is located at Mangalpally village on the Hyderabad-Nagarjunasagar highway, a picturesque suburb of the state capital. The college certainly has grown since it was established in 2000.

Since we are situated on the suburb near Hyderabad, the campus provides a natural ambience, which is free from pollution and provides a perfect atmosphere for the study.

Karuna PG College?s learning model is an active process in which the destination is not just a specific set of skills, but a broader web of qualities that can inform a lifetime of leadership: a talent for analytical reasoning, a capacity for exercising judgment, a respect for diverse points of view, an ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and an appetite for decisive action.

Under the skillful guidance of faculty members, they work together to analyze and synthesize conflicting data and points of view, to define and prioritize goals, to persuade and inspire others who think differently, to make tough decisions with uncertain information, and to seize opportunity in the face of doubt.

Karuna PG College?s classrooms can be likened to a theater of learning in which you, as the student, assume multiple roles. Like an audience, you listen attentively; yet like an actor, you actively contribute to the drama that unfolds, develops, and is contested over the course of the case discussion.

At all times, you are challenged to reflect upon the consequences of numerous leadership decisions, and to integrate multiple, sometimes contradictory, points of view into a logical understanding of the world and your place within it.